Brief summary of previous news

April 2021 If everything goes according to plan, Covid restrictions will be lifted in June, we could be back in business on June 24th.

March 2021 It was with deep sadness that this month saw the deaths of two Thursday Club stalwarts and founding members Keith Drynan and Derek Fleming.

March 2020 Due to the Covid19 pandemic, there was no meeting this month and due to the lockdown restrictions being imposed, none is likely for the foreseeable future.

December 2019 This year saw another change of venue for our Christmas Party. The London Welsh Centre was not viable due to the cost of hiring the place. However the manager of the Shakespeare's Head stepped in and saved the day by reserving the back of the pub for our annual Christmas Party.

December 2018 Leading up to Christmas we were informed by the Calthorpe Arms, our usual Christmas venue, that they were no longer able to provide a bar in their private upstairs room. This year saw us returning to the London Welsh Centre for our our Christmas celebration. We did our own catering for the event and all in all it turned out to be an enjoyable and successful day.

March 2017 Very good turn out for our 25th Anniversary Meeting. Celebrations included a Wetherspoons curry.

February 2017 Talking in the pub at the January meet, It was brought up that the Thursday Club had been going for 25 years. Probably this was going to be in March this year. It was suggested that Ray Cleghorn would know for definite. I emailed Ray and this was his reply: Hello Barrie, Received your email ok. regarding the 25 years of the Thursday club.I can confirm that this is the case. The original members were Chick Hammet, Keith Drynan, Terry Harper, Jim Andrews and maybe John Petch. They apparently got the idea whilst drinking in the Cheshire Cheese in Fleet St. This would have been a few months before March 1992. At the leaving drinkups in March 92 people were asked if they would like to join them, and so the Thursday club was formed. The White Hart was the original pub. After a few months, we moved to The Newton.

February 2017 We recently learnt that one of our most constant members, Jim Andrews, passed away. His funeral took place at Woking Crematorium on Monday 20th Feb. Mel Bannister and Bob Skinner attended. Jim, a founder member and stalwart of the Thursday Club, died on Tuesday 31st of January.

January 2016 Our Annual Christmas event was held on the 15th December at the Calthorpe Arms, in Gray's Inn Road. Hope everyone enjoyed the day. Will post a few pictures when I get around to it.

September 2016 Over a period of a few month this summer John Petch, became seriously ill with lung cancer. It was with deep sadness that on the 15th September we reported the news of Johns death. John's funeral was held on the 7th October at The Vale Crematorium, Luton. Johnny Petch a regular member of the Thursday Club, going all the way back to its inception. John was a friend for many years and several of us knew him from apprenticeship days in the Long Distance Area during the mid 1950s.

July 2016 Received the sad news that Roger Holttum passed away in the early morning on the 19th June. I know that quite a lot of Thursday Club colleagues knew Roger, who worked in the North Central Area and attended Thursday Club meeting at the Newton for a number of years. Roger's funeral took place at Braintree on 7th July.

April 2016 Infomation received from Keith Williams, ref. Pat James. I have received a message via Mick Gallagher and Dave Tingey, to pass on to anyone who worked with or knew Pat James. The sad news is that Pat has died, and his funeral will be at Chelmsford Crematorium on Tuesday 26th April at 3:30 pm. Afterwards at the Crown where Pat always had a drink after work.

January and February 2016. The Thursday Club's web site had to close at the end of January, due to the huge price hike in the server charge demanded by the hosting company. At January's meeting there was a general consensus, that if possible, the website should continue and a cheaper alternative found. Almost everybody there, pledged financial support towards paying the server fee. On the 3rd Feb. the website was reopened on a UK server. The new price of £116 incl. VAT for three years, was not exactly cheap, but better than the previously proposed charge of $186 plus tax, for one year. The bill for the new server was paid out of the February whip money. The guys in attendance adding a little extra. Anyone else who wishes to contribute can add a little something to the whip on another occasion.

February 2016 There was much discussion about continued use of the Freemason's Arms as our meeting venue. Everyone agreed that a bunch of OAPS having to pay Covent Garden prices for a monthly convivial drink (piss up) was plainly idiotic. It was a no brainer when it came to deciding on the Shakespeare's Head as the venue for February.

January2016 The annual Christmas party was held on Thursday 17th December in the Calthorpe Arms. There are a few pictures of the event in the Xmas Gallery. Looks to me that everyone had a good time.

December 2015emailed received: Good Morning all from the Sunshine Coast in Oz Just to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I will raise a glass or two thinking of you all on Thursday 17th. Lionel Watts.

November 2015 Jim Cooper is back home after having a new hip and pace maker fitted. Hopes to see us in January.

September 2015 Jim Cooper went into the Hartswood Hospital, Brentwood, on 15th Sept. where he had a hip replacement operation. Unfortunately the next day he suffered a sever heart attack and was transferred to the NHS hospital at Basildon. No other news on his condition is available at the moment but I will make updates when more news becomes known. Saturday 19th Sept.
Just been informed that first signs look positive. Jim had been kept under sedation until today. Regained consciousness this afternoon. Apparently he thought he'd just come back from his hip operation.

October 2015 Hope to see Mr Petch again soon but he has been having problems with severe back pain. He tells me, that he has not been able get about. However it did start to ease a little towards the end of last week. (3rd Oct.)

Posted August 2015 Lionel Watts emailed a couple of the lads, but has not had a reply. He said that he thinks of you all on the last Thursday of the month and wishes to pass on a big hello.

July 2015 From Ron Josland: I have just had the news that Bill Palmer passed away this week. He was taken into hospital but did not survive too long. Bill was in his 92/93rd year but it is still a loss. I don't know who in the Thursday Club may have known Bill but perhaps a note on the web site would be appropriate.

Posted July2015 Anyone have an email address for David Gillett, the one I have is broken. (Contact now made)

April 2015 Martin Hagger reported that Chelston (aka Carl) Bourne died 28 Jan 2013 at his home in Barbados. Googling for Chelston Bourne finds an obituary at and some pics of his funeral are on on YouTube DbQoQ
Also, Che Cho Yee died 28 Feb 2014. Information from the official wills website at I know no more. Both left BT in the 1990s, and most of the ex-North Central area old gits will remember them. (Martin)